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General - May 16th, 2022, Posted By Ziggis Coffee | 0

We added something refreshing and delicious for you to enjoy all year long! Whether you’re after a drink that will provide the clean and refreshing taste you crave or one that simply fits your personality, our new Fresherz line encompasses all that it means to truly be fresh.  

Citrus sunburst: Citrus, ginger, tropical coconut & real orange slices. Melon Berry Tide: juicy watermelon, crisp cucumber, a hint of mint & real strawberry slices. Dragon Fruit Splash: Vibrant dragon fruit, sweet lychee & real dragon fruit pieces. Customize with lemonade, red bull, tea, club soda or coconut milk.

We are excited to add three bold Fresherz flavors to our menu and give each customer a drink that is completely customizable. The ability to replace the Fresherz base with tea, lemonade, club soda, Red Bull or coconut milk, makes this the perfect treat to enjoy at any time of day. With the inclusion of green coffee extract, Fresherz gives you natural energy that you can feel good about! 

We are always looking for innovative ways to meet our customers where they are at by providing a one-stop-shop experience for all. Adding Fresherz to our menu gives Ziggi’s-lovers a new product to enjoy that is unlike anything previously available. Fresherz are great coffee-alternative beverages that are bursting with flavor. Hand shaken and prepared with real fruit pieces, Fresherz are handcrafted and made with high quality ingredients -- the Ziggi’s way.  

Have you downloaded our new mobile app yet? It’s the perfect way to experience everything that Ziggi’s has to offer with the order ahead function, special offers and the ability to earn points on every menu purchase. 

Download the Ziggi’s Mobile App in the App Store or Google Play and start earning today!  

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