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The kidZone at Ziggi’s is a favorite amongst our family crowd! Our dedicated kid-friendly menu boasts a variety of flavors that your kiddos are sure to love. Anytime you are at Ziggi’s, look for our “kidZone approved” menu items and give your family a little treat! 

KidZone flavors:

Cotton Candy Blender- Flavors of blue raspberry, raspberry and vanilla are blended together and topped with whipped cream and cotton candy-flavored crunch topping. 

Unicorn Punch- Sip on the magical taste of a sweet strawberry smoothie combined with vanilla and topped with a swirl of whipped cream. 

Lava Frost- This tasty drink is erupting with the sweet flavors of orange and creamy vanilla that is topped with whipped cream. 

Gumball Italian Soda- Strawberry and banana flavors are combined with white chocolate sauce and club soda served over ice and topped with whipped cream. 

Shark Bite Slushie- This one-of-a-kind slushie is made using our frozen lemonade smoothie with a splash of blue raspberry flavor and topped with whipped cream. 

Frozen Campfire Cocoa- The campfire-inspired flavors of our Campfire Cocoa are blended together to create a frozen version of this chocolatey treat. 

We have something for everyone to love, check out our full menu to find your next Ziggi’s favorite!  


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