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Ziggi's News - Sep 18th, 2019, Posted By Ziggis Coffee | 0

We’re excited to introduce our NEW cold brew made with coffee from Monserrate located in the Huila region of Colombia just outside of La Plata.

This coffee-growing community used to grow coca to produce cocaine, and poppy seeds to produce opioids. Through several partnerships and years of effort, Ziggi's roaster, Coda Coffee, was able to collaborate with the Colombian government to help convert the community from drug production to growing coffee. Today the Monserrate community is thriving by producing some of the world’s best coffee while keeping true to the original mission of staying away from the drug trade.

Ziggi's Coffee is proud of this unique partnership and by enjoying our products, such as our new cold brew, you are helping to make a difference within communities around the world. 

Enjoy the bold, complex and delicious flavor of our cold brew served on its own or as the Gold Rush, which includes caramel, half and half and limited-time only gold flakes. 

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