Ziggi’s Coffee Signs Agreement to Open Three New Units in Iowa

Ziggi’s Coffee ( announces it has signed a new multi-unit franchise agreement to bring the drive-thru concept to Iowa, beginning in Ankeny, Iowa, north of Des Moines.

Franchise owners Rhoda and John Harris are seasoned business owners who selected Ziggi’s Coffee to add to their portfolio and expansion plans.

“We opened an early childhood center in 2014 and recently decided to purchase property across the street to expand our current business, but we wanted to add a unique twist,” said Rhoda. “We wanted to attach a coffee shop at the end, preferably one with a drive-thru. So, when we found Ziggi’s, it was the perfect fit.”

Serving a variety of specialty coffee, smoothies, food items and more, Rhoda and John hope that the addition of Ziggi’s to their new facility will make life a little easier on the parents who drop off children at the center.

“Parents need that shot of caffeine when they’re dropping off their kids and things are hectic. With Ziggi’s, they will be able to grab a coffee or a bite to eat and hopefully it will make their mornings a little less frenzied,” said Rhoda.

One thing she says was most appealing to her and John about the company was the variety and quality of options they offer; like gluten-free food items and non-coffee flavored beverages. But the support provided by the Ziggi’s franchise team sealed the deal.

“We wanted a tried and true product that we knew would go over well with customers and we wanted the support of the franchise to go with it,” said John. “It’s a great partnership between us and Ziggi’s and a great addition to our business expansion.”

Rhoda and John say this is the first of three Ziggi’s locations the couple plans to open in the area.  Construction is anticipated to begin later this year.