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What started as a single coffee shop in Longmont, Colorado has since grown throughout the nation thanks to the countless communities that have welcomed us with open arms.

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Ziggi’s story began from husband and wife co-founders Brandon & Camrin Knudsen’s dream to build something together. They wanted to create a space where people could gather and feel right at home. Of course, their first thought was coffee. Coffee has always been a vessel for bringing people together so, they set out to open a coffee shop that would provide that space for their community.

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20 years of Ziggi's Coffee means 20 years of community empowerment. From supporting local vendors to creating jobs in our neighborhoods, we're proud to have played a role in the growth and prosperity of the communities we serve.

image: the US map displaying 85 locations across the nation that display all open Ziggi's Coffee stores and 18 states that have Ziggi's Coffee signed agreements where stores will soon be opening
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image: a full Ziggis Coffee history breakdown including 2004-the first Ziggi’s location opened on the corner of fourth and Main Street in Longmont, CO; 2010-the first Ziggis drive-thru opened in Longmont, CO; 2016-with seven locations open, Ziggi’s refreshed the brand and launched its national franchise program; 2017-the first franchise location and eighth store overall opened in CO; 2018-the first out-of-state location opened in Tulsa, OK, along with four other Colorado locations; 2020-an additional seven stores opened and forty-one franchises signed on while Ziggi’s gained its first national recognition from Top 5000 Privately Held company and Inc. Magazine; 2022-the 50th Ziggi’s location opened, ending the year with 65 open stores and 51 additional franchise locations signed; and today-with over 85 locations open and more than 250 in development across 30+ states,
Ziggi’s is positioned to continue its rapid nationwide growth.

image: Ziggi's Coffee 20 years anniversary logo


Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or joined along the way, your support has turned a simple coffee company into a community! Your Ziggi’s stories of connection and joy have been the heart of our journey since 2004.


Share your Ziggi's story with us and help us brew another 20 years of unforgettable moments.



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