Let us help answer your questions!

Let us help answer your questions! Here is a list of our most frequently asked ones. If you do not see your question listed, please feel free to send it to us using our contact form and a Ziggi’s team member will follow up with you shortly.

Our Coffee

Ziggi’s Coffee proudly partners with Coda Coffee, a local coffee roaster and supplier based out of Denver, Colorado, to supply our quality, small-batch coffee roasts.

Tim and Tommy Thwaites, owners of Coda, believe that in order to set the standard for coffee excellence you must start at the source, which is why they spend time traveling to various coffee regions around the world, such as South America, Africa and Asia, in pursuit of the best beans. They work directly with local farmers and communities, not only to purchase the beans, but also to inspect the health of the plants, encourage sustainable practices of the farm and gain a sense of the grower’s level of commitment.

The result of their efforts leads to using higher quality beans and a cup of coffee you can feel good about drinking. Learn more about Coda Coffee and our partnership here.

Yes, as long as you've purchased the coffee beans from us, we can grind them to your desired level. Unfortunately, we can't grind coffee brought in from outside our store or any type of flavored coffees.

Yes. Most of our coffeehouses and select drive-thru locations do sell a variety of whole bean coffee roasts. All retail bags are 1 lb. (with the exception of 0.5 lb. bags available at our Main Street location only). If your favorite Ziggi’s location does not have a particular roast you would like to purchase, we’re happy to make a special order on your behalf.

Our Drive-Thrus

You can find the nearest Ziggi’s drive-thru location by using our store locator here.

Yes. Gift cards are available to purchase and can have any amount loaded onto them at all locations.

Yes. If the drive-thru location has a walk-up window, you are more than welcome to use it to place orders.

To learn more about our drive thru franchise opportunities, please visit the franchise section of our website here.

Our Cafés

You can find the nearest Ziggi’s cafe location by using our store locator here.

Yes. Whether you need a place to study or conduct a business meeting, we have free, fast-speed WiFi at all of our cafe locations.

Yes. Gift cards are available to purchase and can have any amount loaded onto them at all locations.


Yes. We offer some gluten-free food options, such as bread slices, breakfast burritos and vegan doughnuts.

*Availability of these options may vary by location.  Our menu items may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts and gluten. Gluten-free products are made without gluten-containing ingredients. We cannot guarantee that any products are allergen-free because we share equipment to prepare, store and serve all items.



Yes. From breakfast burritos to oatmeal, we offer a variety of food items that will help you start your day the right way.

There is something to be said of having the choice to make your drink as unique as you are, which is why we have over 30 different flavor options available to customize your favorite Ziggi’s Coffee treat just the way you like it, including a variety of 15+ sugar-free choices. 

To find our sugar-free flavors, visit our website here.

We offer a wide variety of milk alternatives that include soy, coconut, almond and oat.

Of course! There are a variety of ways you can customize your drink order with our over 30 flavor options and alternative kinds of milk.

To find our nutritional information, you can always ask one of our friendly baristas for the in-store nutritional menu or visit our website here.

*2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice but calorie needs may vary. 

Our locations offer a diverse selection of all-day grab ‘n go items such as bread slices, cinnamon rolls, pastries, breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches and more! Selection and availability may vary by location.

Some café locations do offer lunch items, such as sandwiches and salads. Selection and availability may vary by location.

We would love to hear from you! Make sure to shoot us an email at info@ziggiscoffee.com with your flavor creations.

Gift Cards & Coupons

Gift cards can be purchased online or in-store at both our café and drive-thru locations.

All online gift card orders are currently sent via USPS and tracking for the order is unavailable at this time. If you have any issues with your online order, please reach out to us at info@ziggiscoffee.com.

You can view your gift card balance through our website here.

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