Creative Ways to Brew Ziggi's at Home
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Check out our guide to pairing Ziggi's coffee roasts with different home coffee brewing methods and learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of your home!  

Pull out your grinder (unless you got your roasts ground at Ziggi's after you purchased it) and get ready to brew an outstanding cup of coffee! 


Single-Serve Pod Machine- pair with our House Blend Single-Serve Pods 

About the blend: mellow. prune. clove.  

Ziggi's single serve pods with coffee beans around it

Using the Single-Serve Pod Machine is a great way to get a quality cup of coffee without the hassle! 

1. Ensure your water reservoir is filled to the "fill-line" 

2. Turn on your machine 

3. Place your Ziggi's single-serve pod in the machine with your mug positioned underneath 

4. Close and press start 

5. Add a dash of cinnamon or a splash of whipping cream to spruce up this coffee classic 

6. Enjoy! 

Cinnamon stick with whipped cream in coffee


Coffee Pot- pair with our Con Brio Roast 

About the roast: cocoa. nutmeg. almond. 

Ziggi's coffee mug with ground coffee in container

Liven up your typical morning routine with this sweet roast! 

  1. Measure your water to reflect the amount of coffee you would like to brew 

  1. Pour the water in the water reservoir 

  1. Place a paper or reusable coffee filter in the coffee maker 

  1. Scoop your ground Ziggi's roast into the filter  

  1. We recommend 1 heaping spoonful per 2 cups (i.e. 2 scoops for 4 cups of water), but use the ratio that is right for your taste! 

  1. Press start and wait for the sweet aroma to fill up your kitchen 

  1. Take it as you like it- black, cream, sugar, etc. 

Coffee with cream in glass mug


Chemex- pair with our Columbia Monserrate Microlot Roast  

About the roast: cola. apricot. syrup. 

medium course coffee grinds

This roast and brewing method is perfect for an evening cup of coffee! 

1. Grind up your Ziggi's roast to a medium-coarse level

a. The coffee to water ratio should be about 1:16, 1 gram of coffee for every 16 grams of water  

2. Boil measured water on the stove (use tea kettle or a pot) 

a. Let the water come off boil for about 30 seconds, do not pour boiling water over the coffee. 

3. Place a cone filter in the top of your Chemex 

a. Pour hot water through the filter to eliminate paper taste  

4. Place coffee grounds in the filter 

a. Pour a small amount of water over the grounds until they are evenly wet 

i. Wait about 30 seconds to allow the coffee to aerate 

5. Slowly pour the rest of the hot water 

a. Pour in circles evenly over the coffee grounds 

b. Pace yourself- there is no rush! Give your coffee time to brew as you are pouring the water 

c. Aim for a total brew time of 3.5 minutes 

6. Remove filter and coffee grounds once all your water has been poured 

7. Pour the brewed coffee into your favorite mug and enjoy!    

*Use this method for any pour-over coffee maker- simply adjust your water and ground coffee amounts based on the size of your cup.  

  Chemex coffee brewing


Stove-top Espresso- pair with our Notorious Espresso Roast  

About the roast: complex. caramel. milk chocolate. 

Stove-top espresso

Get BOLD taste at home with your own stove-top espresso! 

1. Grind up your Ziggi's roast to a fine level 

2. Disassemble your espresso pot and remove the funnel with filter basket 

a. Fill the bottom chamber with cold water to just below the safety valve 

b. Fill the filter basket with your ground coffee (no need to use a paper filter)  

3. Reassemble the espresso pot, place on stovetop burner, turn to medium-heat setting 

a. Pro tip: use a burner that is close to the size of your pot so the handle doesn't get hot 

4. Heat for about 3-5 minutes- you will know it is done when you hear a soft bubbling and light whistle 

a. You can always take a peek to see if your espresso is done, just be careful not to burn yourself!  

5. Remove espresso pot from burner as soon as the brewed coffee is in the top chamber to avoid burning 

6. Let espresso stand for a few minutes  

a. Stir before pouring it to smooth out the flavor 

7. Pour into pre-heated espresso cups  

a. Pro tip: while your espresso is brewing, pour hot water into your espresso cups or coffee mugs so your espresso stays warm after being transferred  

Customize your espresso: 

  • Add hot water and a splash of cream for a robust Americano 
  • Add steamed milk for a creamy latte 
  • Dip biscotti, hard cookies or donuts in the plain espresso for a sweet treat! 


Cold Brew- pair with our Sumatra Arisarina Dark Roast 

About the roast: spicy. piney. robust.   

cold brew with cream on counter

This cold brew is a refreshing way to start your day!    

1. Insert the stopper into the outside bottom hole on the brewing container 

2. Dampen the felt filter disc and insert into the inside bottom of the container 

3. Open the top of your paper filter bag and place in brewing container 

a. Pour entire bag of course ground coffee into the filter (French Press grind) 

4. Pour 7 cups of water into the bag, stir the grounds gently until grounds are evenly saturated 

5. Steep coffee grounds at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours for a rich, smooth flavor 

a. Place brewing container on top of glass decanter, remove stopper and let coffee concentrate flow through 

b. Remove and discard filter and coffee grounds 

6. Place lid on glass decanter and place in your refrigerator for up to two weeks 

7. Pro tip: Dilute with a water or milk ratio of 2:1, 1-part water or milk to 2-part coffee concentrate for a balanced cold brew 

8. Add flavored creamer or syrup and make this drink all your own!  

French press with coffee grounds on counter

Alternatively, you can make cold brew in a French Press. This is a great method if you are looking to make less cold brew concentrate at a time. 

  1. Fill the bottom of the press with about one half of an inch of coffee grounds 

  1. Fill press with water  

  1. Let sit for 12 to 24 hours, depending on desired strength 

  1. Plunge the press and enjoy your cold brew any way you like it! 


French Press- pair with our Santos Roast 

About the roast: dark chocolate. oak. cocoa. 

person pouring french press coffee into mug

Step up your brunch game with the delectable taste of French Press coffee! 

1. Boil measured water  

a. For a medium strength, heat up 30 oz. of water 

2. Measure coffee and grind it to a coarse level 

a. For a medium strength, use 50-55 grams of coffee grounds  

3. Pour ground coffee into the bottom of the beaker and gently shake it back and forth to level it out 

a. Pour the hot water over the grounds 

b. Gently stir the coffee and water to ensure all the coffee grounds are wet 

4. Place the top on the beaker with the plunger pulled up so it just barely breaks the water’s surface to ensure the coffee grounds are fully submerged in water  

a. Let the coffee steep for 3.5 minutes 

5. Gently press the plunger all the way down 

6. Once the plunger reaches the bottom, pour the brewed coffee slowly from the French Press into your mug  

a. Pro tip: avoid pouring the last 10% of the brewed coffee and sipping the last bit from your mug- it will be a high concentration of silt  

7. Dress up your cup of coffee or drink black! 

french press on counter with mug of coffee


Did you run out of coffee? Or feel inspired to start brewing your own coffee at home? Shop our online store or visit your favorite Ziggi's to snag these roasts! 

*These steps are meant as a guide to brewing your coffee at home, please refer to the specific instructions that came with your brewing product to ensure the best outcome. 


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