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January is Human Trafficking Prevention month, and we are teaming up with our incredible Chai vendor, CharlieJoe Chai, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.   

On January 11, 2024, Human Trafficking Awareness Day, $1 from every Chai purchased at Ziggi’s will be donated back to CharlieJoe Chai to help bolster their efforts in supporting organizations that work to end human trafficking.  

Ziggi’s was founded with a community-first mindset and continues to make choices that positively impact the world around us. This mentality drives our partnerships with vendors to ensure that every Ziggi’s location is committed to doing good in the world.   

CharlieJoe Chai’s founder, Charles Ciepiel, was inspired to create a delicious Chai and to contribute significantly to ending human trafficking after his very first trip to India back in 1998. He spent nearly two decades perfecting the incredible Chai that you can enjoy at every Ziggi’s location and dedicating his business to supporting various organizations that actively work to end human trafficking.  

A portion of every cup of Chai sold is donated by CharlieJoe Chai to organizations that help prevent, rescue and restore children experiencing the tragedies of human trafficking. This means that every time you purchase a Chai at any Ziggi’s, you contribute to the same cause.   

To date, CharlieJoe Chai has donated enough funds to rescue 90 children from human trafficking. This is a huge accomplishment and couldn’t be done without Ziggi’s customers purchasing and enjoying our variety of Chai flavors. However, Charles has big goals for the impact that CharlieJoe Chai can make on ending human trafficking.  


“I was told early on that I would make $1 million selling Chai, but I don’t want to make $1 million, I want to save 1 million children. We know that’s a lofty goal, so we are starting with the goal of raising $1 million and we are already 1/10 of the way there!”  

- Charles Ciepiel, Found of CharlieJoe Chai  


Learn more about the mission of CharlieJoe Chai and how you can support their efforts.  


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