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At Ziggi’s, we’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting our craft of making signature coffee-based drinks that showcase a delicate balance of smooth coffee taste with unique flavor profiles. Whether you enjoy sipping a classic latte or going for something a little bolder like an Americano, all our coffee-based drinks start with one of our quality coffee roasts:  

  • House Blend: Considered a fan favorite, we’ve been brewing up this well-balanced medium roast since opening our very first café in Longmont, Colorado. This signature House Blend provides a smooth, delicate taste with subtle notes of prunes and cloves.  
  • Notorious Espresso: The rich and complex flavor of our espresso comes to life thanks to the harmonious blend of coffee grown in South America. With notes of caramel and milk chocolate, it’s the perfectly bold, yet smooth, addition to any espresso-based drink. 
  • Dark Roast: Discover a robust roast that is bold in flavor with its spice and pine-filled notes.  


From there, we’re able to provide great-tasting coffee classics, such as:  

  • Lattes  
  • Americanos 
  • Iced Coffee – Made standard with shots of espresso included!  
  • Gold Rush – A creamy blend of cold brew, half ‘n half and caramel.  


To more specialized combinations from our Signatures menu that include:  

  • Fireside – A cozy trio of toasted marshmallow, white chocolate, espresso and milk  
  • Colorado Mocha – An elevating experience of chocolate milk, toasted coconut, almond and espresso  
  • Raspberry Truffle – A satisfyingly sweet combination of raspberry, white chocolate, espresso and milk  
  • Caramel Macchiato – A creamy sweetness you’ll crave with smooth caramel, vanilla, milk and espresso 

Frozen Blenders 

While topping things off with a delightfully creamy frozen blended treat:   

  • Peanut Butter Mocha – Made with real peanut butter!  
  • Coffee Toffee 
  • Cookies ‘N Cream  

And, of course, we believe in giving you the option to customize your drink with your preferences using our more than 50 different flavor options and alternative milk options. For the cold coffee enthusiasts, you can even top off your iced coffee or cold brew with a flavored cold foam for a delightful finishing touch.  

Ready to order? Download our app or create a loyalty account with us to start earning rewards on every purchase today!  


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