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We certainly love our coffee around here (it’s even in our name), but we’re also passionate about providing other signature drinks that taste just as great. Whether you’re looking to change things up, lighten your order or enjoy an alternative to caffeine altogether, below are some of our favorite coffee alternative menu items:  

 “Chai” It Out 

Made with CharlieJoe Chai, we offer our chai tea in three signature flavors to awaken your senses: Original, Vanilla Bee and Spicy. Plus, when you drink chai at Ziggi’s, you’re helping to make an impact in the world. Learn more about our partnership with CharlieJoe Chai and their efforts to end human trafficking.  

Spilling The Tea 

The secret is out! In addition to our chai tea offerings, we also have other tea varieties such as:  

  • Matcha  
  • Iced Tea  
  • Hot Tea  

Browse all Chai & Teas.  

A Drink As Fresh As You 

For those seeking a refreshing experience, try one of our Fresherz. Subtle fruit flavors combine with green coffee extract to create a lightly caffeinated and uplifting experience. Fresherz include real dried fruit pieces and can be customized by being made with Ziggi’s Energy, tea, lemonade and more!  

Browse all Fresherz.  

Something for the Whole Family  

Whether you have little ones with you or just prefer to indulge in a caffeine-free treat, we have the following options available:  

  • Italian Sodas 
  • Smoothies 
  • Campfire Cocoa  

Browse all kidZone, Smoothie and Italian Soda options.  

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